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Migratory milestones

by Pat Kehoe


Delicate Balance

by Leigh Patterson


Black-and-white photo brings history to life

by Julielee Stitt


Stuff dreams are made of

by Ashley Lewis


Professional training programs in Mexico bode well for North America’s waterfowl

by Julielee Stitt

Redlin 2015-S1501

Remembering Terry Redlin

Few artists are as well-known or as well-loved as Terry Redlin. In celebration of his life and legacy, Ducks Unlimited Canada remembers some of his outstanding work that’s helped shape wetland conservation.


Getting creative for wetlands

Canadians posted original art, photos, songs and more in the hopes of winning DUC’s Rescue Our Wetlands contest

Ducks Unlimited Canada staff working to eradicate harmful European water chestnut plants.

Working to eradicate the European water chestnut

Ducks Unlimited Canada asks for help to spot invasive plant

A resting snowy owl. ©DUC

Bidding farewell

At a time when many Canadians are welcoming home geese and ducks from the south, they are also bidding farewell to a majestic bird of prey