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In conversation with: Claude Wilson

by Leigh Patterson


A farmer, a conservationist, a true son of Saskatchewan

by Ashley Lewis


Conservation brings meaning to life

by Leigh Patterson


A year in the life of a DUC agrologist

by Charlotte Crawley


Small in stature, big at heart

by Katelyn Uhrich

A wetland at Onandaga Farms. The Hendersons' relationship with DUC began in 1978, when the Hendersons partnered with DUC to implement five wetland restoration projects. This was followed by 20 additional projects in 1990, and three more in 1997. These wetlands range from a half-acre to 25 acres in size, and represent some of the best waterfowl habitat in Ontario.

Remembering a conservation legend

Ducks Unlimited Canada remembers and honours Gilbert (Gil) Henderson, a life-long visionary, who passed away on January 30th 2017 in his 91st year.


DUC helps veterans soldier on

Memories and friendships are forged among recovering veterans and soldiers during mentored hunt.

Tundra swan pair, flying. ©DUC/Chris Benson

I Hear Swans Tonight

One scientist’s poetic take on the beauty, sounds and life cycle of swans.

Karla Guyn

Change starts with a choice – and the decision is ours

How the choices – big and small – of tens of thousands of people multiply to create real and meaningful change.