Editor’s Pick

Editor's Pick

Finding common ground

by Leigh Patterson


Bird’s eye view of the boreal

by Staff Writer


Small marsh, big impact

by Staff Writer

Ducks Unlimited Canada recently held its sixth annual DUC Day at Queen's Park.

Making a mark at Queen’s Park

Ontario’s wetlands are conservation conversation starters for “duck people” at annual event

DUC volunteer inspects an eider nest

Eider pride

When common eider populations plummeted in Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1980s, groups of passionate volunteers worked together to save one of the province’s most iconic bird species

Purple loosestrife is an aggressive invasive plant that can spread to local wetlands, reducing their biodiversity. ©Jade Raizenne

Wetland-friendly gardening

Five helpful tips to help you keep invasive plant species out of your garden…and out of wetlands

©DUC/Michel Blachas & Carole Piche

Leave it to beavers

Our complex relationship with nature’s wetland engineers


In conversation with: Claude Wilson

Honouring the memory of longtime supporter, volunteer and past president Claude Wilson.


Conservation brings meaning to life

Alberta Emerald Award winner Jerry Brunen looks back to see the future


A year in the life of a DUC agrologist

In 2016 Manitoba DUC agrologist Charlotte Crawley let us follow her along as she worked hard for the ducks. Here’s life in the field through her lens.