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Finding common ground

by Leigh Patterson


Quandary at the Quills

by Julielee Stitt


Small marsh, big impact

by Staff Writer

Ducks Unlimited Canada recently held its sixth annual DUC Day at Queen's Park.

Making a mark at Queen’s Park

Ontario’s wetlands are conservation conversation starters for “duck people” at annual event

DUC volunteer inspects an eider nest

Eider pride

When common eider populations plummeted in Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1980s, groups of passionate volunteers worked together to save one of the province’s most iconic bird species

A row of homes in Oak Bluff, Man., is reflected in a naturalized stormwater system constructed by DUC’s Native Plant Solutions. Growing in popularity, these wetland-like systems offer attractive, sustainable green infrastructure solutions that support biodiversity and connect residents with nature.  ©David Lipnowski

The new green scene

Harnessing wetlands as green infrastructure solutions to our water woes

Sweet Mustard Soy Breasts sizzle on the grill. ©DUC/Jeope Wolfe

Thaw of the wild

Freezing wild birds? Preparation is key to enjoying a decent meal long after your last hunt

A wetland at Onandaga Farms. The Hendersons' relationship with DUC began in 1978, when the Hendersons partnered with DUC to implement five wetland restoration projects. This was followed by 20 additional projects in 1990, and three more in 1997. These wetlands range from a half-acre to 25 acres in size, and represent some of the best waterfowl habitat in Ontario.

Remembering a conservation legend

Ducks Unlimited Canada remembers and honours Gilbert (Gil) Henderson, a life-long visionary, who passed away on January 30th 2017 in his 91st year.


In conversation with: Claude Wilson

Honouring the memory of longtime supporter, volunteer and past president Claude Wilson.

Bernie Forbes (left) with good friend and former DUC colleague Syd Hepworth. “Bernie had tremendous vision,” recalls Hepworth. “He was a big thinker and could see things that needed to happen.” ©Syd Hepworth

A farmer, a conservationist, a true son of Saskatchewan

Paying tribute to Bernie Forbes.