Conservation brings meaning to life

Alberta Emerald Award winner Jerry Brunen looks back to see the future


A year in the life of a DUC agrologist

In 2016 Manitoba DUC agrologist Charlotte Crawley let us follow her along as she worked hard for the ducks. Here’s life in the field through her lens.


2017 Desktop Calendars

Our 2017 calendars highlight collectible antique decoys.

Seven-year-old Logan Japp donated his own Christmas money to a cause close to his heart: ducks.

Small in stature, big at heart

Ducks and a love of the outdoors inspire seven-year-old’s giving spirit


DUC helps veterans soldier on

Memories and friendships are forged among recovering veterans and soldiers during mentored hunt.

Stocky and Toni Edwards were married on February 3, 1951 in Vancouver. (Edwards collection)

Rising from the rubble

War-time wreckage stirs veteran’s conservation spirit.

Karla Guyn

Change starts with a choice – and the decision is ours

How the choices – big and small – of tens of thousands of people multiply to create real and meaningful change.

Susi Johanson (center), with daughters Dania (left) and Morgan.  Johanson encourages her kids to explore the outdoor
world around them. ©DUC

Cure of the wild: getting a handle on nature-deficit disorder

Encouraging kids to get outside, get active and even get dirty is critical in curing the next generation from what’s been dubbed the “nature-deficit disorder.”

The small town of Délınę is nestled on the shores of Great Bear Lake, the eighth largest freshwater lake in the world. ©Destination Deline

Where the water flows

A community in the northwest territories looks to its ancestral teachings to guide the conservation path forward

Naturalized wetland in Winnipeg, built with the expertise of people like Gord MacKay of Native Plant Solutions. ©DUC/Tye Gregg

A Ducks family’s conservation legacy lives on

Neil and Gord MacKay’s connection to one another and to the mission are both unifying and inspiring.