Storied landscapes

by Ashley Lewis


Slow motion

by Jeope Wolfe


2017 Desktop Calendars

by Leigh Patterson

Avoid capturing pale imitations by following six simple tips. ©DUC

Staring at the sun

All photographers want to bottle that perfect sunset. Results greatly vary.

Each day, Ontario landowner Bill Kendall walks a familiar trail. And each day, he captures something new and unforgettable with his camera. ©Bill Kendall

Seasons’ greetings

An Ontario landowner shares nature’s inspirations

Delta Marsh Research

The science of summer

For a crack team of DUC researchers, summer means time on the waters of Delta Marsh, gathering intelligence on what makes the iconic wetland tick.

Plants grow from burnt stumps and sooty earth where Kenora Fire 18 has finished burning.

From the ashes

Fire-ravaged Ontario forest bursts with new life even as the fire burns on

Sunlight reflects in the eye of a yellow warbler during a banding session.

Training day

A bird in the hand may be worth two in the bush, at least for those learning the photography trade


Delicate Balance

Nothing heralds the arrival of spring like the sights and sounds of wildlife. Canadians are fortunate to share their environment with a diversity of wild species.

©Jennifer Chipperfield

An ode to our water

Paying tribute to our most precious resource.