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What’s up, DUCk?

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A duck in spring

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A row of homes in Oak Bluff, Man., is reflected in a naturalized stormwater system constructed by DUC’s Native Plant Solutions. Growing in popularity, these wetland-like systems offer attractive, sustainable green infrastructure solutions that support biodiversity and connect residents with nature.  ©David Lipnowski

The new green scene

Harnessing wetlands as green infrastructure solutions to our water woes

Scientific research is helping shed light on how birds fly without colliding. ©DUC/Dean Davenport

The sky commute

How birds are informing technology and inspiring conservation

DUC’s Danny Sears helps a young Duck Day attendee build a songbird nest box.

Parks and education

Teaming up to transform the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park into a premier destination for outdoor learning

Delta Marsh Research

The science of summer

For a crack team of DUC researchers, summer means time on the waters of Delta Marsh, gathering intelligence on what makes the iconic wetland tick.

A joint project by DUC and the Province of Manitoba aims to keep common carp out of Delta Marsh.

Enemy at the gates

Delta Marsh will play host to fewer invasive carp this spring and summer following necessary repairs

A resplendent common eider drake flies low over the ocean. Fewer eider hens are returning to nest along Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, and a new collaborative research effort aims to find out why.

Common purpose

The common eider population is dropping in Maritime Canada and New England. Canadian and American biologists are working together to find out why.

Redhead ducks are one of 29 North American migratory waterfowl species that winter in Mexico. ©DUC

Professional training programs in Mexico bode well for North America’s waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited de Mexico’s chief executive officer Eduardo Carrera speaks about the role the of the RESERVA program at the John E. Walker Centre, and the importance of a continental approach to conservation.