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Eider pride

by Chelsea Murray


A duck in spring

by Julielee Stitt


Thaw of the wild

by Pat Kehoe


DUC helps veterans soldier on

Memories and friendships are forged among recovering veterans and soldiers during mentored hunt.

Naturalized wetland in Winnipeg, built with the expertise of people like Gord MacKay of Native Plant Solutions. ©DUC/Tye Gregg

A Ducks family’s conservation legacy lives on

Neil and Gord MacKay’s connection to one another and to the mission are both unifying and inspiring.

Snow geese take flight from an Alberta field during fall migration. Spectacles such as this were not always commonplace – a century-old treaty helped turn the tide for conservation.

Migratory milestones

The centennial anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty is reason to reflect and celebrate

Tillsonburg News

Hazard Campbell: A legendary life

North America’s conservation community remembers “ambassador for the ducks.”

A redhead hen rests among a stand of early cattails. Grilled or steamed shoots from young cattails can be a tasty addition to your wildfowl meal.

Diversify your dining

Three recipes to whet your appetite


Duck Hunts and Memorable Meals, With Advice for the New Hunter

Tod Wright explores his duck hunting journey and inspires others to pass on the waterfowler tradition.

Chris Benson (left) plunges into the crashing Lake Ontario waves in search of long-tailed ducks. ©Adrian Skok

Long-tails and snow squalls

A Prairie waterfowler battles the elements on Lake Ontario in pursuit of an elusive quarry.